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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 2 Review (ialmopia english version)

The second episode of Game of Thrones 5th season picks up after and interesting premier episode that saw increased viewership worldwide. The global audience seems to be building as the show
goes on. This could be because of good marketing or the fact that the show is now diverging from the books more and more. The sizable group of book readers now find themselves with less and less information to lord over show only watchers as we delve into new territory and plod ahead into storylines not yet covered by the popular George RR Martin book series.

WARNING: SPOILERS for Episode 5.02


The episode begins with a fan favorite that did not appear in the first episode, Arya Stark. The young highborn lady turned refugee has arrived via boat to the city of Braavos across the Narrow Sea. She attempts entry into the famous House of the Black and White but is denied access by an elderly man. After a brief visit to the city center, Arya, again encounters the old man who reveals that his appearance was once again a disguise and in fact now looks like her old friend Jaqen H’ghar. The mysterious H’ghar explains that if Arya wants to gain entry to the Assassin’s guild she must stop being a Stark and become “No one”. 

The Vale

Brienne of Tarth and Poderick find themselves at an Inn alongside Lord Petyr Baelish and Sansa Stark. Brienne’s pledge of service to Sansa is refused and a fight with the knights of the Eyrie follows. After the encounter Brienne decides to secretly follow Sansa as she will not forsake her vow of protection and feels like Littlefinger is not the safest guardian for Lady Catelyn’s oldest daughter.

King’s Landing

Back in the capitol, Cersei Lannister shows her brother Jamie a package containing a threat that has arrived from Dorne. The message conveyed being that the queen’s daughter Myrcella is no longer an honored guest in Dorne but rather a hostage. Jamie decides it is his duty to rescue the princess and blackmails the sellsword Bronn into accompanying him south. Cersei busies herself by continuing the fruitless search for Tyrion as hunters bring her another Dwarf’s head in an effort to claim a reward. At a small council meeting Cersei introduces her pet Qyburn as the new Master of Whispers and offers her uncle, Kevan Lannister, the title of Master of War. The eldest Lannister sees through Cersei’s plan to fill the council with people she can manipulate and refuses her offer. 


Speaking of south, episode two gives us our first look into Dorne as we visit Prince Doran (Dornish title of honor) and a scheming Ellaria Sand in the famous Water Gardens. Oberyn’s former paramore accuses Doran of sitting idly by as his brother was slain by their life-long enemies in House Lannister. In her lust for vengeance, Ellaria threatens to start a war along with the support of Oberyn’s daughters known as the “Sand Snakes”. Will Dorne’s armies enter the field against the crown or does Doran have other plans?


In Meereen, Daario uses his street smarts to capture a member of problematic “Sons of the Harpy”. The captive is murdered by a former slave while he awaited trial, something that threatens to split Queen Daenerys’ city in half. Dany deals old world justice to the captive’s murderer but does not avoid trouble as violence erupts. Alone at night, Dany ventures on to the balcony atop her pyramid only to be visited by her old, lost child, the now massive dragon named Drogon. Is he back to help Dany or just to remind her what or who she really is?


Our road trip buddies, Tyrion and Varys check in on the road to Meereen by way of Volantis. Varys continues his efforts to persuade his guest to support a Targaryen restoration. The man known as “The Imp” is more concerned with getting drunk. Aren’t we all when we go on a road trip?

The Wall

Back at The Wall, Jon Snow is offered a chance to become Lord of Winterfell by King Stannis Baratheon. But before he can decide the Night’s Watch holds an election in which Samwell Tarley nominates Jon to be the next Lord Commander. Maester Aemon casts the deciding vote in his favor and Jon now finds himself leading the men he calls brothers.

Game of Thrones always has a way of weaving the story so that two talented actors playing interesting characters get a chance to play off of each other. For example, we saw this with Tywin and Arya in the 2nd season. Season 5 is set up so that we get to see the elitist Jamie work with the witty Bronn and some spectacular dialogue between Tyrion and Varys. This should be great and has always helped this fantasy series stay rooted in character based stories giving fans great quotes to go with HBO’s commitment to stunning sets and visuals. With the viewing audience growing it is proving to be a fantastically successful formula. 

Check out Episode 3 preview below

By Theofilos Papadopoulos



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